Nature Ellis still basking in Reggae Jam performance

August 17, 2018
Nature Ellis

Reggae artiste Nature Ellis is still reeling from what he dubs was a well-executed performance at the recently concluded Reggae Jam, held in Germany.

Both German and Jamaican fans were celebrating milestone anniversaries.

While Jamaica was celebrating its 56th year as a free nation, Reggae Jam was celebrating its 25th anniversary as one of the biggest reggae festivals across the globe.

"I had to go out there and give the crowd everything I had," he said. "This stage is very special to me. It's my third time on the show and my first time back in eight years, so I wanted to give the people something special, and I think I did just that."

The entertainer performed on Saturday, August 4, and delivered several songs, including Tears of Joy, World Peace, Revolution and Wasting Time.

He said everybody was showing him love. He revealed that he may be back on the Reggae Jam stage next year, as the promoters were also pleased with his set.

"The promoter kept like an after-party on the last day after the festival was finished and he invited some of the artistes to his house. While I was there, he pulled me one side and told me that I put in one of the most energetic performances of the night, so I think I will be back next year, all things being well," he said.

Reggae Jam is one of the biggest festivals in Germany. The concert also saw the likes of Cocoa Tea, Romain Virgo, Capleton and Leroy Sibbles gracing the stage.

Nature Ellis said his local fans may get the opportunity to see him in action very soon, as he may be performing at the 100 Live concert series this month end.

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