Dann-I inks deal with US-based label


August 20, 2018

Powerhouse vocalist Dann-I has signed a three-year deal with WDG Records, an Atlanta-based music label.

Dann-I, who has been making a name for himself with songs like Uncle Come and When She High, said that he was pleased when he heard the news.

"Well, it's a great feeling. To be doing music for all these years and to see this door opening right now, has given me a reassuring feeling. I am getting a step closer to reaching my ultimate goal," he said.

The signing comes on the heels of Dann-I's move earlier this year to seek representation by the New York-based Donsome Booking Agency.

"Everyone involved in the team is well experienced in the music industry. They have the ability to help me to break in to the international market. So far, we have started working on my debut album, and there are some performances lined up for the overseas market," said Dann-I, whose latest single Me, Myself and I, was produced by Orville Dixon.

Meanwhile, Dann-I was recently invited to perform in Canada in September. He then heads to South America in October and Europe in November.