Eklypse gets high views on cannabis track

August 24, 2018
Eklypse (left) and Mabrakat.

Nannyville recording artiste Eklypse has racked up more than one million YouTube views on his video 'Cannabis'.

Produced by Darka Shadz and Soniclinks Production, the audio for the track was released back in February.

As the track appealed to a wide audience almost immediately after its release, Eklypse and his team began working on the visuals, hoping to capitalise on it's momentum.

It seems the artiste's swift action and quick thinking paid off as this is the first time one of his music videos has done so well.

Eklypse, who teamed up with Mabrakat for the single, said he is happy with the song's success.

"I grew up listening to Mabrakat in my community, and he wasn't doing much music as of late, so I approached him and told him that I had the perfect song for his sound, and he came to my studio, did his verse, and we have a hit on our hands," he said. "The success of this record shows that music is bigger than Jamaica and that all the youth need is exposure."

The entertainer lamented that while the industry has space for new talent to rise, the talent of up-and-coming artistes usually goes unrecognised on the local music scene until those artistes breaks overseas.

"This song has little highlight locally, but look how as a foreigner take it up and push it to a foreign audience, they appreciate it," he said.

He said that now that he has people's attention, he will be shifting focus a little.

"Right now, I'm gonna focus more on some real roots music and send the thing worldwide," he said.

Eklypse is set to perform at several shows in Europe in support of the single. He also hopes that the record will solidify his name an emerging reggae act overseas.

He is already working on a follow-up record, also set to feature Mabrakat.

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