Dovey Magnum keeps positive through her son’s illness

September 10, 2018
Dovey Magnum
Dovey Magnum

While most teenagers celebrate their birthday by having a party or being with friends, Dovey Magnum's son, King Jay, spent his birthday, August 17, in the hospital.

The recording artiste recently shared what her son was going through on social media.

When The STAR contacted the Prayer Mi Use singjay, she said, "It's been hard pushing through, and health-wise, I am under so much stress, right now it a mash up me head."

Dovey Magnum says her son has been in the hospital overseas for about two months now, and even had to do surgery the day before his birthday.

In July, when most children would be plotting how to spend their break, King Jay, who is a promising high-school footballer, was diagnosed with a rare disease (which she did not want to disclose the name of or speak about the symptoms).

"King Jay is the one that made me comfortable to even share that he was not well on social media," said Dovey Magnum.

"Nobody couldn't tell how I feel, the day when I received the call, right before my Hot 97Fm performance, that my son was not breathing. Is like I had to turn on a switch."




The singjay has been travelling throughout the Caribbean and North America this past summer, doing various shows, including one in Moore Island, Bahamas, where she was the first dancehall artiste to grace a stage there.

"I had no choice but to fulfil my duties. Deposits were already received for most of the show dates, and with all the medical expenses, if I did not go I would put myself into a hole," she said. "It is a testimony for me and my son our lives have changed since this whole situation."

If persons were to go off Dovey Magnum's social media posts prior to her sharing the news, there was no indication of what she was going through. "Persons don't know what goes on behind all the raunchiness - that is Dovey Magnum keeping a positive, happy outlook and hiding all the negative feelings (like many people do)." As the oldest of five daughters, she says she learnt to look for strength in her children and in God. "My mother struggled with all of us, and never give up. We never break, so she said our strength kept her going. I understand that now."




She says Gracefully Broken by Tasha Coombs is always on repeat in her house, and that song, along with the strength her son demonstrates, has helped her to keep the faith.

"Last week was one of the hardest, emotionally. Watching everybody posting images of their kids going back to school while my son misses out on a football match it breaks me down really bad," she said.

"Prayer mi ah use and win", she said, "I pray every day, before every show, there's a small prayer I also say for my son, 'Lord anything that's not of you, remove it from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet'."

Although gospel music is on the artiste's playlist, her son has been keeping himself entertained listening to his favourite dancehall deejays Alkaline and Popcaan. Fellow entertainers, including Masicka, Kranium, Aidonia and Starface, as well as popular gossip page Dear Dream, have reached out, offering their support.

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