Jae Prynse warns against fake friends


September 13, 2018
Jae Prynse

Reggae singer Jae Prynse is pushing back on the idea of encouraging fake friendships in his latest music video.

In the video for his single, Faker To A Friend, the deejay warns about the perils of friends with ill intentions. The video's storyline sees one of the deejay's friends make an attempt on his life by trying to poison him.

Shot throughout St Catherine, director Rocket Vision brings the video's message to life, as the deejay hopes to encourage at least one person to be wary of the friends they keep.

Since its release a few weeks ago, the video has already amassed almost 100,000 YouTube views. The singer says he is very pleased with the reception to the music video, while disclosing that plans are afoot to amplify the promotion for the last quarter of the year.

Best known for the hits Try Harder and Hard Work, Jae Prynse is now back on local soil following a weeklong stay in Toronto, Canada, where he performed at several events while also promoting his other projects.

Speaking of his trip to Canada, the artiste explained that he got some time to reconnect with old fans while establishing new ones.

"The shows were great, and the audience showed their appreciation for my talent, and for that I am grateful," he said. "It was a very productive trip which gave me an opportunity to reconnect with my growing fan base while introducing myself to potential fans in that market."

The trip also saw Jae Prynse enlisting a team of international film-makers to shoot the video for his upcoming single, titled Ready. The project is slated for release in the weeks ahead.

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