Jahazeil Myrie praying for a breakthrough

September 13, 2018
Jahazeil Myrie

Born into music, Jahazeil Myrie has been viewed as one of the emerging reggae artistes of the next generation.

Whether he has the talent of his father Buju Banton, the up-and-coming entertainer said he is leaving that answer up to the public.

He has already proven that he can dredge up the most raw topics and emotions to produce thought-provoking songs like the rest of his musically inclined family.

Under Markus Records, owned by his brother Markus Myrie, he released his debut single, No More, in 2014 and continued to combine their creative energies to write and record other tracks such as Who Am I, Clear The Way, Real and Loved One.

Now the 21-year-old is praying for a breakthrough to happen before year end, with two of his most recent singles, Push On and Hold On, which, although released in the final quarter of 2017, only started to get a buzz since the release of the music video at the start of summer this year.

"The songs are about keeping a positive outlook in life and speak about overcoming depression," Jahazeil said. "I chose to write it because it is what I see people go through; a lot of people going through depression and when it comes to that feeling of being up one day and down another, I can relate."

Jahazeil cut off his locks almost two years ago and people still question his reasons. But he said it just had to happen because of the struggle with eczema.

He said the image change had nothing to do with the direction he decided to take in music.

"I been doing music for the past four years, but I would say that I just started doing more music with positive messages this year. I used to do all types of topics, but since recently, I switched my style and have been getting even better feedback, especially since Hold On'," he said. "Reggae, dancehall, call it what they may, my music is taking a more positive turn that fuses both genres, and I am praying to see a breakthrough by this year end."

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