Starface praised for 'Tuff' counteraction


September 18, 2018

Dancehall artiste Starface is getting major props for her raunchy counteraction to Rygin King's hit single, 'Tuff', so much so that she is fast-tracking plans to shoot a video for the project to this week.

In her song, Fi Di Wuk, Starface lays out in detail the challenges women face when their often-boastful sexual partners suffer from erectile dysfunction.

She said the feedback has been immediate and overwhelming.

"People dem a talk a bag a tings. Even the man dem love the song, even though mi deal with some a dem wicked. Fi di short time weh mi drop it, a di first mi ever do a song and mi get such a fast response. Last week Saturday, mi do 30 dubplates one day. The song a go hard, Europe, US, everywhere. Mi never do so much duplates inna mi life," an enthusiastic Starface said.

Rygin King's Tuff has been one of the most popular songs since the start of the summer, and Starface has found that her remix is also riding that wave of popularity, igniting interest in her other songs.

"Right now, when I walk in a dance, at least three of my songs are being played, so I know it is working. That's why I am shooting a video for the remix this week," she said.

Another popular single, Top Class, on the Knackout Productions label, is also generating some buzz, and she will also be shooting a video for that project next week.

Starface is also making waves on the international scene with Tackle, a saucy single featuring earth-shaking dancehall beats provided by German chart-topping producer Laortis. The song is a result of a label partnership between Creative Titans Music and Konsequence Muzik Group.

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