Taz brings the vibes to PNP conferences

September 18, 2018
Ian Allen/Photographer Taz (left) had no problem matching Lubert Levy's energy during the PNP conference on Sunday.
Ian Allen/Photographer Taz entertains the audience at the PNP conference with his dance moves.

Ricardo 'Taz' James is an unmistakable character, especially during the People's National Party (PNP) conferences. The party member describes himself as being very passionate, and it shows. Having played integral roles within the PNP, Taz also has the worthy job of being 'vibesmaster'.

"PNP conferences are known as the dancer's place. And I know all the dance moves. I like to enjoy myself, especially for people who are my size, who are maybe laid-back, or not so agile as I am," Taz told THE STAR.

Taz has been attending conferences since he reached adulthood. He subsequently joined up as an associate member of the PNP Youth Organisation and eventually officially transitioned into the party. Now, Taz can be found at every conference 'flinging his shoulder' or 'willy bouncing' across the politician's platform.

"It excites the crowd. They love it," he said.

The conference dancer revealed that he was part of a dance group in high school, and he continued to dance while attending university.

"I'm a party person. I do a lot of partying," he said. "I like dancing, and I think I can do it. So why not show my stuff, my dexterity."

He explained that his effervescence is an internal feeling expressed outwardly and that the spirit of the conference acts as a catalyst.

"The public conferences are a chance for all the Comrades to have a good, happy feeling - to keep the vibe," he told THE STAR.

His dancing also serves to demonstrate that all in the party remained united. Taz was a major part of Angela Brown Burke and Phillip Paulwell's campaigns for the vice-president positions in the People's National Party, and he said that his dancing was a show of unity, vibes and excitement.

"We're not down and out, and no one is sad," Taz affirmed.

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