Stacious volunteers at KPH ... Hospital urges more public figures to give back

September 19, 2018
The Kingston Public Hospital in downtown Kingston.

Dancehall entertainers are often criticised for not doing enough to meaningfully contribute to the country's holistic development.

Today, however, at least one dancehall artiste has been thrust into the spotlight for something good as she prepares to give back in her own special way.

For the next few weeks, Stacious will be volunteering her time and services at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).

Stacious, who is a certified personal trainer, will be working in the hospital's physiotherapy department.

She revealed that after paying multiple visits to the hospital to look for family members, she decided it would be good to give of herself in a way people would not only appreciate, but remember.

"I remember my uncle and auntie getting treatment at KPH, and so I kept going for appointments. I built a relationship with some of the staff there and I saw where there was a need for extra hands and decided I would volunteer," she said. "Sometimes as artistes and human beings on a whole we take for granted how much just being there for someone can do for them. Sometimes we may not have the lumpsum to give, but if we have time and we can do the 'little' things, we should because little goes a far way."


Stacious told the STAR that after her first official day on the job yesterday, she was taken aback by the sheer joy on people's faces when they realise that an entertainer is helping to take care of them.

"Dem look and dem look like dem a wonder a wah me a do yah so," she laughed. "It's usually when the session is over that they will come out and ask if is really me. But when they ask and they hear my response, they are really just genuinely happy to see me catering to them. Sometimes, as public figures, we take for granted just how much light we can bring to people when we do these things."

Dr Natalie Whylie, senior medical officer at KPH, said she hoped Stacious' move would ignite the spirit of volunteerism among public figures as patients would really appreciate the outreach.

"Sometimes the impact of that one-on-one is greater than the impact of a significant donation because when you interface with someone you may impact more significantly on the whole healing process. It could be something as simple as coming in to comb person's hair or assist with feeding of patients under supervision or reading to patients" she said. "I want to use the opportunity to applaud Stacy and I hope that she will be a role model to other persons who exist within the public space, to give back to the public health care institution."

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