Portlanders want good entertainment

October 17, 2018
Tommy Lee

The town of Port Antonio, Portland, is said to be begging for a renewal of its nightlife. This rapid decline in entertainment, especially at nights, is cause for concern among persons who have complained bitterly about being bored.

"At daytime there are places to hang out and dine, but at nights, it's either stay home and watch TV or head out of town," said Ian Clarke, a sound system owner.

"Clubs like Shadows and Mango Tree, which were flourishing with entertainment, suddenly closed their doors. Those were once places where decent people could sit and enjoy quality music, while sharing a private moment with a friend. Yes, it is really a worrying trend for somewhere like Port Antonio, where tourism started. But all is not lost, as there are persons here trying to make a name for themselves in bringing back nightlife entertainment," he added.

Clarke was making reference to people like Marlon 'Marly B' Minott, who is an events promoter and producer.

"Many of my charges have moved on to tours in Europe and North America, which is a good thing," said Minott.

"I have staged many mini stage shows throughout the parish, where new talents are unearthed. Entertainment is really the way to go. Although I am starting to realise that a different kind of entertainment is now coming on stream in the form of strip clubs, which is also attracting a large audience. Entertainment is needed in this parish as it is one way of taking time out to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour."

Tommy Lee Sparta performs in the Magnum Star Live Series at the Cristal Nightclub, Port Antonio on October 27.

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