Swedish singer making reggae moves


October 27, 2018
Queen Tress
Jah Vinci

Swedish singer/poet Teresia 'Queen Tress' Jansson has teamed up with reggae singer Jah Vinci for a catchy new track titled 'Turn Back Time'. Describing the story behind the track, she said, "It is about fighting with the one you love. He hurt me and I overreacted, and now I feel like I want to turn back time to change how things went down."

The connection between the two artistes was made through a friend of hers, who is a producer. With this being her first time working with Jah Vinci, she is quite pleased with the results.

"He did a great job, I hope people will like it," she said.

The track is already gaining traction in London and Sweden, as well as locally.

Turn Back Time is featured on the singer's forthcoming debut EP, On My Mind, which is expected to drop in early 2019.

The first single from the project was a collaboration with reggae artiste Turbulence titled Underneath It All.

Released in July, the track brings together two people from two different worlds with a culmination of dancehall/roots and Queen Tress' native Swedish.

She also has another track on the EP with dancehall artiste G Whizz.

Queen Tress' love for dancehall and reggae started in her hometown of Stockholm, Sweden's capital, where Jamaican culture is prominent.

"I went on a trip to Gambia where I met some reggae artistes and I just fell in love with the music. I went home and immediately started doing some more research on the genre since it was already very popular in my country. I then made the decision to do my lyrics in English to make a bigger impact," she said.

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