Answele sees big break as an opening act

November 07, 2018
Stephanie Lyew photo Answele

Singer, songwriter and musician Answele discovered his passion for music at a very young age, and that passion grew as he aged.

At 21, the up-and-coming entertainer has already caught the attention of some of the top names on the reggae/dancehall scene,

including Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley and

producer Sean 'Young Pow' Deidrick.

The Grammy award-winning Young Pow has already produced two tracks for Answele, Stayed and 1 Wine 2 Time.

The tracks are currently being distributed through the Marley label, Ghetto Youths International.

Answele has his heart set on gaining more through the distribution.

"Not that I have high expectations in terms of earning money at this moment but I want to get as much publicity that will contribute to me making a stable income from music," Answele said.

Last summer, the singer entered the Red Stripe Big Buss competition but didn't win.

"The competition for many of the participants was a platform to get a big break but I did not see it as one unless I had the opportunity to be on the big stage," he said. "I guess I have a different impression of competing, not everybody going get let through the gate but you have to be inspired to take on the route to the world."

The singer is currently booked for his first Europe tour this December, as the opening act for seasoned reggae/dancehall act I-Octane.

"This is the platform I have been seeking, and in the next five years, with my persistence, I see myself progressing on the international scene and as a household name in Jamaica."

Young Pow told THE STAR that Answele's determination and maturity made him stand out.

"Although Answele is not signed to the label just yet, the label is responsible for distribution; as part of the learning process we are trying to let him know what it means to be an independent artiste," Young Pow said.

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