Donnovan Reid 'banking' on 'Hospital Food'

November 12, 2018
Donnovan Reid in his 'banking' attire.

Last week, Donnovan Reid, a bank manager known for his online social commentary production 'The Don Reid Show', publicly shared one of his songs.

The National Commercial Bank employee told THE STAR that he was motivated to do a song after being hospitalised at the St Ann's Bay Hospital during Jamaica's Independence weekend.

But he did not explore the options to record and release an official music until receiving the approval from his employers.

Reid has now produced what he calls a spin-off of Mavado's Father God.

"The sound is similar and was inspired by the dancehall entertainer's song, but it is not exact in structure," Reid said.

On the track, Hospital Food, he sings and deejays about not wanting to be discharged and wanting more food as a patient, which is contrary to what most people experience.

"It is commonplace to hear people quarrelling about the food at hospitals or just persons complaining about the quality of food in general," he said.

He quickly noted that there are no existing intentions to resign from the bank, where he has been employed for more than 25 years, to take on a career in music.

"I really just like to make people laugh," he said.

Reid said that neither he nor his wife and children believe he's a great singer.

"It isn't about singing ability, but about content and making people laugh," he said. "I always had a great sense of humour. I was always writing and deejaying for my own comedic expression," he said.

Laughter is his main motivation for even starting 'The Don Reid Show' fan page two months ago on Facebook, where he posts short stories and stand-up comedy videos.

He also used the platform to share the unofficial version of the song before veteran musician and producer Danny Browne took charge of the production.

The song is available online across 35 music stores. He has since received more bookings to perform at live shows and has an opportunity to partner with a foundation that will assist him in donating 30 per cent of funds acquired from sales of Hospital Food to hospitals and schools through the associated ministries and programmes.

A music video, launch party and live online promotional show are expected later this month as part of Reid's promotional campaign for the song.

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