John Bling hopes for a 'Success Story'

November 12, 2018
John Bling

Like Ding Dong Ravers and Chi Ching Ching before him, John Bling wants to take his career to another level. He has established himself on the local and international scenes as a dancer, but for the past year, the entertainer has been warming up for the microphone. John Bling is particularly proud of his latest release, and he hopes his career will unfold, as the song says.

On October 14, John Bling released the single called Success Story on a rhythm of the same name.

"I think this is the one that has the potential to get into the mainstream. I produced it, alongside Haynes Records. The way it was mixed and mastered, the whole production has an international feel, like the music video," he said.

The music video was uploaded to the dancer-turned-artiste's Vevo account on November 1. The music video was directed by Willdrey of FlashOne Films in New Jersey.

Even as he promotes his new track, John doesn't think his musical venture will affect his leadership of the Black Dice Dancers. If John does find success, he is sure it will realise more opportunities for his dancers. In fact, he has already featured the crew on his latest single, a dancing song called Move A Foot.

"It's the biggest dance out in the streets right now, and I say that without apology," he said.

Move A Foot is John's third collaboration with ZJ Ice, who also produced previous releases World A Move and Swing It.




And although there are a number of dancing songs in his growing repertoire, John intends to amp up his lyrical content.

"I'm not focusing on any more dancing songs for the rest of the year. I'm going to give people more singles so they can get familiar with who I am," he told THE STAR.

The move to produce an EP or album is appealing, but John has chosen to keep those developments in the unforeseen future. "I'm focusing on this single. That's one of my main focuses because I think this song is going to be the beginning of more things to come," he said.

As he builds his own career, John wants to help others develop theirs. He is the owner of Blingaz Multimedia Productions, an artiste development and management company. Currently, under the umbrella are the Black Dice Dancers and San Diego-based artiste Sennica, aka Senna Sass. Sennica also has a song on the 'Success Story' rhythm called Watch Me.

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