Kaream Kharizma scores with 'Watch Ova Me'


November 16, 2018
Kaream Kharizma

Dancehall singjay Kaream Kharizma is generating street buzz with his latest release, Watch Ova Me.

"The song is getting a lot of play from the streets, the radio, and the street selectors. Watch Ova Me is a tune everybody can relate to, it's like a prayer to start the day, all inna church it a play inna the gospel segment, it have universal appeal," he said.

Show promoters have been responding to the incredible street buzz and have already began booking him for upcoming events.

"I am getting calls for shows overseas, but right now, for November and December, mi de pon several stage shows and year-to-year dances all over the island," he said.

Another standout song, Pretty Little Indian, has found an audience among young female fans because of the clever wordplay and new age flow.

He is gearing up to release two new tracks, Everybody Hates Me and Top Man to end the year on a high.

"Right now, mi just a put in the work, but mi naah too kill up we self still, 'cause 2019 a my year," he said.

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