Nain recruits Destiny Spart for edge on single

November 20, 2018
Kim Nain
Destiny Sparta

Dancehall artistes Kim Nain and Destiny Sparta's fiery new single, Deal Wid It, is slated for release this Friday and will see both women showcasing their sexier sides as they chronicle how they will handle their intimate relationships. The song is one of 11 tracks on the EP Nain is gearing up to release, also called Deal Wid It.

Nain said the collaboration with Sparta came out of a need to get someone who could bring across all the raunchy elements of the song. She expressed that while she is much more than the sweet, subtle singer some have come to know, the song needed an edge only Sparta could bring.

"I did the song over two or three years ago and, of course, at the time, Destiny wasn't on it. I loved the song because I am a little bit more out there with this song. People think that I'm super conservative 100 per cent of the time, and I'm not like that. I'm every woman. But even with being more out there than I am usually, I still was not as 'raw' as I needed to be, and I needed that to come across in the song," she said. "It was my manager that brought her up, and I said, 'Yow, she woulda bad pan it fa real'. We hit her up, and she liked the song and came on board. She did an excellent job because she brought across what I couldn't. It's a mix of sweet and raw."

Sparta said it was really fun working with Nain and she is looking forward to how people will receive the track when it is released. "I posted a preview and a lot of people are already asking for the full version. I think the song has a lot of potential to go international. I think it's going to propel us to another level," she said.

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