Dancers' Paradise: DHQ Headtop wins global twerk challenge

December 06, 2018
DHQ Headtop
DHQ Heaadtop doing her signature move.

When the American twerking phenomenon came about, many people noted that Jamaican women have been shaking their 'bam bams' for a long time.

DHQ Headtop, given name Aneika, showed we're the best after she beat thousands in a social media twerk challenge for a spot in City Girls' upcoming 'Twerk' music video.

She also won US$25,000 (approximately J$3,250,000).

"It feels really good to put Jamaica on the map is such a major way. Most people keep saying shaking your ass, headtop, split, nah get you nowhere. You have a few people who lick out on the way we dance in dancehall. But look at it now. It got me somewhere, in an international video. And I won 25K, for shaking my ass and doing the crazy stuff I do," DHQ Headtop told The WEEKEND STAR.

She continued: "Dancehall ah fi wi culture, and to put it out there like that, it opens doors for other dancehall dancers that do these crazy things too. The overseas population will look at us differently now."

Using the hashtag #citygirlstwerkchallenge25k, dancers from all over the world uploaded their videos to compete.

She learnt about the challenge through fans who wanted her to enter.


"They kept tagging me in it, telling me to enter. There is this particular person from Miami, Florida — her name is Pebbles. A big fan; she's been following me for a long time now. Every day, she text me telling me to enter. So I told her to get the song for me — and she did. Every step of the way, she was always there," she said.

DHQ Headtop believed she would get noticed because of her body and her acrobatic antics. 

"I'm different. I dance different. I mostly dance upside down. Because of my body size, I get a lot of attention. I try to do tricks that no one can do, crazy stuff," she said.

The professional dancer admits that twerking is harder than it looks. Even though she hits the gym every day, "it's hard to just stand up and twerk. It looks easy but you do get tired after 30 seconds. When I'm upside down, I can do it longer than when I'm standing on my feet."

After nabbing the win, the hip-hop duo flew DHQ Headtop to the US to be featured in their music video. During that period, Headtop was actually supposed to be on tour in Europe.

She said: "For some reason, the embassy was taking really long with the visa. But when God closes one door, He opens a bigger one. Big up City Girls. Big them up, and the whole production team."

As for the prize money, "Modda ah get sumn, mi sista ah get sumn; see if I can treat my friends to something — doesn't have to be anything big, because I'm not gonna spend it all. I'm just gonna put it away, really," she said.

DHQ Headtop also had some plans laid down before the challenge existed that the money can help with.

"Nothing really big. Just something I know I can have if I'm not dancing," she said. 

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