The music industry is too corrupt - Junior Reid

December 07, 2018
Junior Reid

Veteran singer Junior Reid is rising above the corruption that he says permeates the music industry. According to the 'Out Deh' artiste, members of the entertainment fraternity have often tried to stop his 'bread'.

"There is so much corruption, even when it comes to shows," Reid told THE WEEKEND STAR. "Booking agents will call certain people, trying to get me on a show, and those people will say, 'Junior Reid isn't in the country', or they will tell them to not put me on the show and give names of other artistes to book instead."

But the games do not end with show bookings. Reid added that local radio stations have not been showing much support for his last album, The Living Legend. The 20-track set was released in 2015 on his JR Productions label and features collaborations with Buju Banton, Vybz Kartel and Sizzla Kalonji.

"I'm still pushing that album. Internationally it is doing well, but locally, it is not getting much love from the radio," he said. "How can I have a song with Buju and Jamaican people don't hear or know about it? How can I have a song with Sizzla, even Vybz Kartel, and the people not hearing it? The fans would have been requesting those songs. Me get fi find out seh the business set a way, and I can't let that distract me or discourage me. I just motivate myself and keep moving, which is why I'm still here."

With a distinct sound and his 'Tu Tu Tweng' signature phase, Reid has built an impressive catalogue of timeless records, like One Blood. He also boasts international collaborations with artistes like Alicia Keys, Swiss Beats and The Game. However, he said The Living Legend was designed to cater to fans who believe he has abandoned reggae music.

"My fans are always complaining seh Junior Reid gone hip hop and me switch from reggae, so I'm letting them know, through this album, that I'm still doing reggae. I haven't switched. I'm just taking reggae music to another level and opening the market so it is easier for other artistes," he said.

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