Weh Dem Up To: Erup still has eyes on dancehall

December 07, 2018

In 2007, dancehall deejay Erup entered on the scene with the single 'Gal A Run Dem Head', and it remained a popular juggling tune for local disc jockeys for a couple years after its release.

Four years later, the Harbour View-based entertainer returned with another high-energy single, titled Click Mi Finger, and a wide catalogue of music that earned him the buzz that was needed to cross over to the international stage.

Despite Erup's dancehall background, the entertainer was able to team up with hip-hop recording artistes in the US and navigate a different path to recognition, that, he says, eventually made listeners of his music label him as a pop artiste. Some of the American rappers he worked with include Uncle Murda of G-Unit Records and Pusha T.

"That is not the direction I want my music career to take. Although it makes persons across the globe aware that I have the ability to do a wide range of music, my number one goal is to do dancehall or Jamaican music," Erup told THE WEEKEND STAR.

But the road to local fame and fortune has not been the easiest to manoeuvre.

He said: "It's not that it is slow or hard, but that I choose carefully - who I voice with or have produce my music. There have been many times when I record and the producer them don't release or make an effort to work on the track."

The Plan Pon Mi Life deejay says many times the communication between producers and the recording artistes affects the promotion of a potential hit.

Still not giving up on his goal, he is currently working with Caspa Productions, the producer/label that was responsible for Munga Honourable's Wine Pon It. He is featured among recording artistes like Gyptian, Stonebwoy and Wayne Marshall on the 'Black Forest' Rhythm that was released last month.

The single, called Catch The Flight, is a dance and music collaboration with Fire Links, British Diamond, Lady K and Boysie (of Black Roses Dance Crew). Erup said that there is already good feedback on the world stages for dance with individuals learning the 'Catch The Flight' dance move in workshops hosted by the dancers in Europe.

Erup added that there are a few new songs that the public is not familiar with, but he is working to promote them to the right circles.

"Things have changed over the years, so as an artiste you just have to deal with music like your 'livity'," he said. "I am not the type of person to get a money and buy a big house. Instead, I save and slowly build my house."

He continued: "Right now, I am even building a recording studio in my community. It is a project I have worked and saved my dub work money to invest in."

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