Special Christmas concert for Ayala Bennett


December 13, 2018
Ayala Bennett

Celebrating 10 years of music and imagination with purpose, the Jamaica Youth Chorale (JYC) will be hosting a special Christmas concert, dubbed 'Lux Aeterna - Eternal Light', in memory of past member Ayala Bennett.

The concert will be held at the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts this Saturday.

Bennett passed away on October 30, 2011, after being diagnosed with leukaemia. The chorale will be donating a portion of its proceeds to the Jamaica Cancer Society in an effort to support the fight against cancer.

"This show in particular is very important to myself and the choir. Ayala was a brilliant and quirky young woman. She loved to sing, and brought her own unique energy to the choir with a strong sense of self. To lose such an amazing person at such a tender age to cancer was very hard,"said JYC founder and conductor Greg Simms.

Bennett was an active member of the JYC, having joined in the summer of 2011. Her outstanding contribution and commitment to the choir quickly set her apart as a key member. She was scheduled to perform with the choir on the day of her passing and was actively engaged in the preparation process for the group's annual concert, called 'Ancestor Voices'.

Sharon Wright, mother of Bennett, recounted the experience with fondness.

"She was rehearsing when she was sick. She wasn't feeling well, but she would still go because she was very committed to the choir. Even though sick, she turned up for rehearsal just the same," stated Wright.

"The same day she died was the day of the beginning of their concert season for that year. She should have been singing in that concert, so I'm honoured that they are dedicating these shows to Ayala," she said.

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