Dancers' Paradise: Francisca's routine is 'Double Trouble'

December 14, 2018
Francisca Griffiths
Francisca Griffiths

Francisca Griffiths is a renowned freestyle dancer and choreographer with a decade of experience behind her. After reasonably eventful trips back and forth from her birthplace in Stockholm, Sweden, to Jamaica over the course of 10 years, the big-city dancer decided to make the island her home in 2011.

"There was no social media, or it was not as popular at the time. So, for my friends and I that were dancing together, the best way to learn about dancehall moves was to travel to its source," she said.

"While it was a major transition in terms of the culture, I developed a big love for Jamaica, and obviously, I like it better. But, to be honest, I appreciate the island in a different way and decided to take a chance."

More than a decade later, the gamble is paying off. She was an instructor at Chai Studios for eight years until it closed its doors. She was also able to earn additional income by working with entertainers, featuring in numerous music videos, including the production for Dexta Daps' Weak To You and Alkaline's Perfect.

These days, she is more focused on corporate projects, working with brands like WATA and Jamaica Moves on dancing for wellness.

Within dancing circles, she became known as 'Francisca Double Trouble', and the name is quite fitting based on her routines, which incorporate an extensive mix of dance forms.

"I had to switch it up a little bit," Francisca admits. "Living off of dancing was and still is very hard. Dancers are underpaid, and dance fitness was a more secure way to still do dancing."

Now, she is preparing to launch Head Over Heels, her sexy-heels dance class at Fit Box in Barbican, St Andrew.

"Some may look at it as exercise, but for a person who wants to learn to dance in heels, for example, a professional dancer, it is a totally different skill than dancing in flats, so it is beneficial. It is also a lot of floor work that requires you to be a little more athletic," said Griffiths, who is also a pole-dancing expert.

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