Fashion: Making a statement on a budget

December 14, 2018
Simple cotton dresses with festive colours and patterns are always a good buy.
Be like the Christmas tree that stands tall in festive colours and dressed with ornaments.
Not the girly girl or would just like to make a bold statement, a sequined half jacket on a little black dress will do just that.
All that glitters is gold on our model, Ruth-Ann Robinson, as she dazzles in this tassel-covered bodycon dress.

'Tis the season for glamorous outfits and grand parties. So that means it is the most wonderful time of the year to wear flattering floor-sweeping dresses or crowd-shocking sets that immediately say 'glitz'.

However, Kelly Lawrence is urging the festive females to take this season's trends in 'stryd'. As the owner of the popular clothing store Urbana Stryd, she has been hosting the 100 Dresses campaign for three consecutive years, targeting all the fashionable wallet watchers.

"It is possible to make a statement on a budget, but it all depends on the event that the person is putting an outfit together for," Lawrence told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"The entire idea behind the campaign was to help women shop on a budget by having a starting cost of $4,500 for stylish dresses."

The standout trends for the season glitter, sequined clothing, red (all shades), and dark green, as well as neon colours and animal prints (leopard and snakeskin) are visible in store windows. But according to Lawrence, "It is best to stick to trends that will stick around for a while. Do not overdo the wardrobe with prints."




What persons refer to as 'basics' have also changed a little to include plain bodysuits (pin-unders, onesies), which can be dressed up.

"This holiday, persons should definitely add something with a lot of bling, even one piece of clothing that will get you into the spirit," Lawrence said.

She also said that sometimes the best way to save money is to go shopping solo.

"Trust your gut because sometimes friends give the worst advice. If you don't think your friend has the exact same style as you do, don't shop with them," she said, adding that shopping with too many advice givers may result in unwanted purchases.

She also encouraged shoppers to make a list of the events they plan to attend as this could be the easiest way to decide what to buy.

"And never forget to dress for your body type. Know your body, know what fits your body, and flaunt it," she said. "If all else fails, check us out. Our 100 Dresses campaign has something for every personality."

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