STAR on the Rise: Jah Breadz leaves horse racing to ride rhythms

December 27, 2018
Jah Breadz
Jah Breadz

Former jockey Keown McDonald no longer dreams of riding horses since he is now riding rhythms. The 34-year-old singer-songwriter was exposed to the Jamaican culture as a child travelling back and forth from the Cayman Islands, where he was born, and soon became addicted to the music.

Being of fair complexion with 'freckles' earned him the name Ginjah amongst friends.

"Them also did say mi head hot," said McDonald.

The name became Ginjah Breadman until he decided to shorten it. Now he goes by the name 'Jah Breadz'.

Jah Breadz settled in Jamaica in the early 2000s, where he did a few odd jobs in order to have some form of income, but told THE STAR, "Music is my only occupation now, it is my bread."

He has saddled more than enough challenges since making the decision to take on a career in music, but he says his mother, who remained in Cayman, has invested in him.

"Growing up in Cayman, it was seen as a place where many things cannot pop; it is of late that stage shows start get popular, and even with that it is mostly ruled by soca and Latin music. I have no plans to go back and settle right now," Jah Breadz said.

He continued: "It's been a while since I am here sacrificing and I want to show that it is all worth it, plus I have grown accustomed to Jamaica."

The up-and-coming reggae-dancehall entertainer has also established a label, Kwengah Music Entertainment.

"There is a great future planned. I see myself as an international brand and with the willpower to help others, I can buss other artistes through it," he reasoned.

The Kwengah Apache EP has been released a little more than a year now, through the label, but Jah Breadz is patiently waiting to see the fruits of his labour.

He has performed on shows and street dances around the island and his songs are getting radio play.

"I also perform for charity among those, including an event held on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. It is one of those I am passionate about and would like to use my music to reach persons and also take care of the elderly when it takes off the right way."

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