Dancers' Paradise: Energy shows 'No Weakness'

January 11, 2019
Get There Squad dancer, Energy.
Get There Squad dancer, Energy.
Get There Squad dancer, Energy.

Although the dance and song that launched Energy's career only came about in 2017, the dancer says he has been in the dance fraternity for more than 15 years.

The single Swing Di Energy that was recorded by Chi Ching Ching and Samboni on the 'Genna Bounce' rhythm, highlighted the dance move that Energy created and quickly garnered attention of dancers worldwide, who added the move to various routines that went viral.

Now, Energy can say that he has successfully set his foot in the dancehall space.

"I was originally part of Bermuda Squad, but eventually decided to try dancing on my own. It was one of the scariest moments in my career as a dancer," said Energy, who is now a member of dancehall deejay Chi Ching Ching's dance group, Get There Squad.

The dancer, whose given name is Paul Thompson, describes that moment of his life as one where he was at his weakest. The second, he said: "Was when my girlfriend (now my ex-girlfriend) and I split because of emotional struggles from the loss of our child during pregnancy. That was in 2015."

The following year he was caught on the big screen, dancing in a scene for Nick Cannon's King of the Dancehall movie with his hard-to-miss, fiery-red and blond locks.

"It was a great opportunity, although I think the dancers needed a bigger role, one more speaking to share the history and experience," he said.

Energy has also been featured in numerous music videos for Chi Ching Ching, including Rock Di World, Breadfruit and Rope. He has also been featured in Vybz Kartel's Real Bad Gyal.

He also explored the idea of being an artiste with a collaboration titled Dagga Reloader with a deejay named Jomo. However, he said that dancing and participating in video productions helped him to regain the happy energy he is known for, and that is what he is focused on for now.

"I am a calm person, but I am the energy of the dancing world. When I am out there in the street, it is just straight energy. Like, if me see you and you nah dance or tell me you can't dance, before the night end you are going to do some moves," he said.

Energy is now promoting his newest dance move called 'No Weakness'.

"It (dance move) relates to life goals. If you are going for something in life, always believe in yourself. Don't show no type of weakness," he said.

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