Rodney Price tells Government to listen more Bounty and Buju

January 21, 2019
Lionel Rookwood/photographer Rodney Price delivered a conscious set at Rebell Salute early Sunday morning.
Buju Banton

Rodney Price says the Government could get ideas about how to make Jamaica a better place by listening to the music of his 'alter ego' Bounty Killer, and that of Buju Banton.

Among other things, the self-described poor people governor, used the Rebel Salute stage on Sunday morning to argue for a more inclusive society.

Delivering songs such as Poor People Fed Up, Down Inna The Ghetto, Anytime, Born As A Sufferer, and Look Into My Eyes, Bounty Killer, who hit the stage as Rodney Price, said that the Government has long been warned that crime containment is not the answer to Jamaica's problems.

Noting that Look Into My Eyes was banned from the airwaves, Rodney Price suggested he had foretold that the crime problems would have got worse. "Government, if you want know how to find the solution, listen some Bounty and Buju," the five-star general said.

He then bust into another of his songs, Outcry, which was recorded with Richie Stephens.

In an attempt to solve the crime problems on the island, the Government with the support of the opposition, last year established states of emergency and zones of special operations in different parts of the country. The opposition has since withdrawn its support for the states of emergency.

"State of Emergency is good, but that's to fight crime. We need a state of urgency to fight poverty, and all the elements that lead and breed crime," Price said.

The hardcore dancehall artiste said that education is one of the main tools out of poverty, but stressed that "ambition is the key".

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