Kranium gets flak for ‘opening doors’ claim

February 12, 2019
Anthony Minott
Anthony Minott Kranium

New York-based dancehall artiste Kranium is receiving backlash for what he describes as being proud of his accomplishments.

TheCan't Believe singer took to social media recently, declaring his contributions to the Jamaican genre.

"Don't get it twisted, I literally kick down the door for all you artistes overseas doing dancehall music for this generation, locally and internationally," he said. "Tag one who did it before the kid arrived."

Kranium rose to mainstream in 2014 with the trackNobody Has to Know, produced by PLMR Productions.

But critics quickly pointed out that other entertainers, like Shaggy, Rayvon, Beenie Man and OMI, have paved the way before Kranium.

Instagram user Ontoragerecords encouraged him to do his research.

"If you are involved in something it's good to know the history and that helps to make you better, you nuh know bout Lady Patra? In fact I'm sure she's still receiving royalties from her '90s recordings," he said. "I like the new era accomplishments but the door been open and we been wondering for the longest who else gonna take up the mantle."

While Kranium did not disagree, he reiterated his impact in this era.

"Bredda that's not what I ask you, I ask you who did it for this generation? How long the door been locked? In all honesty people fail to understand this door been locked for over 20 years," Kranium said.

In a separate post, he added "Be humble yes, 100 per cent, but a great man will always be misunderstood for feeling proud about his accomplishments."

Bawl Out singer Dovey Magnum also joined the conversation, equating Kranium's feat to her success.

"I must say I created history as the only female with no money or links to do it also, prayers we use and win. Kranium as male and Dovey Magnum as female. There's no misunderstanding in that. A lot of people read yes but with no understanding. You a the fuss artiste buss from farin."

'Be humble yes, 100 per cent, but a great man will always be misunderstood for feeling proud about his accomplishments.'

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