Sabb ‘serves’ up comedy in new track

February 15, 2019

At 49 years old, recording artiste Sabb believes he still has time to break into the music scene.

He has been actively pursuing music since the age of 14 but says life threw him off track and away from music when he migrated to England and started a family.

Now with a fresh focus and sharper vision, the entertainer is ready to take the industry by storm. He believes he has started off on the right path as his comedic trackServe has been creating quite the buzz.

Sabb toldTHE WEEKEND STAR that the track sees him picking on a number of women in the dancehall fraternity as he highlights his intention to 'serve' them. The song sees him giving humorous takes on several ideas initially put forward by some of the entertainers he addresses in the song.

The artiste says the track comes at the perfect time as the dancehall space needs an injection of humour.

"Me just say me a go play wit metaphors, listen some a di song dem weh di females do, and spin a song in a comedic way and send it out. I didn't do it to mash anybody corn because I would never disrespect the black woman," he said. "It's just that it's a long time we haven't had a laugh. The whole a di dance and thing just get so tense right now, so me did affi gi dem some humour because dem long for that. Me come up wid di idea of a shopkeeper weh only serve girls. So, instead a me say me ago sell corn flakes or peanut or anything, me say a only girl me serve inna my shop and take it from deh so."

Sabb is confident that even at this age, he may just have found his hit song.

"Wah age Gully Bop buss?" he asked, as an indication that age is not an issue in the unpredictable world of entertainment. "If you should hear my tracks, you will know where I'm at right now. I'm up there with any Rygin King, any Six Boss, any one a dem."

Sabb says he is here to make a name for himself in the music industry and is therefore open to doing all types of music, not just reggae or dancehall. "I can give you a mixture of everything, even gospel. The only thing me nuh do a gun song," he said.

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