DJ Denvo schools young disc jocks

February 25, 2019
Participants DJ Surge (left) and female selector DJ Naz chill out at Saturday’s disc jock workshop, held at the J. Wray and Nephew offices in New Kingston.
Participants at Saturday’s workshop.
Aspiring DJs getting hands-on experience on a musical consoles.
DJ Spin showing off his skills.
Young selector DJ Anash (left) makes a point to DJ Spin (centre) as DJ Minion looks on.
DJ Denvo (left) and DJ Spin at the turntable.

Being a disc jock is much more than just selecting a bunch of songs over a turnable or a musical console. In order to equip practitioners with the necessary skills to be top-class disc jocks, DJ Denvo says he will open an academy to arm aspiring selectors with the tools to succeed in the industry.

“We have not identified the space as yet, but for now I will be offering one-on-one training for disc jocks at my studio,” DJ Denvo told THE STAR.

“The importance of a DJ academy is that Jamaica will produce better DJs, and this equals better music,” DJ Denvo opined.

He said that the patrons at parties will get more enjoyment as the DJs will provide the energy and finesse for that great party experience.

“I guarantee that we will have more patrons leaving parties satisfied, as they enjoyed the musical presentations,” he said.

As a lead up to the academy, DJ Denvo, with assistance from DJ Spin and DJ Smurf, put on a workshop for disc jocks at the J. Wray and Nephew, New Kingston office on Saturday.

“I’m pleased with this workshop. We need more of this,” DJ Smurf said.

Exchange ideas


“In the past, we didn’t have an avenue like this to network and exchange ideas. Back then, the only way we could grow in the business is to align ourselves to a popular sound system.”

Young female disc jock Anash, one of the participants, found the sessions useful.

“This workshop has enlightened me. It was interactive, I had a lot of fun, now I will have more confidence whenever I’m on the controls,” she said.

DJ Denvo and his team went through the whole regiment of how to become a successful DJ, and sought to give participants a better understanding of the industry.

During the interactive segment, presenter DJ Denvo and his co-presenter DJ Spin demonstrated how to master their equipment. The interactive segment also saw both presenters Spin demonstrating an exciting Koffee Toast remix on a state-of-the-art turntable, which had the participants in awe.

Among the tips which DJ Denvo gave the young disc jocks was for them to understand the importance of preparation. “Do your research, study different genres of music and think outside the box. ... And invest in yourself and your talents, learn all there is about the different forms of music.”

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