Chuck Fenda pleads for more one-drop rhythms

March 04, 2019
Lionel Rookwood
Chuck Fenda performing at Rebel Salute 2019.
Lionel Rookwood Chuck Fenda performing at Rebel Salute 2019.

Recording artiste Chuck Fenda is pleading with producers to create more authentic one-drop reggae rhythms.

"Not many of the local young producers are turning out reggae rhythms. I think my colleagues would agree when I say we want to see more of the up-and-coming rhythm makers gravitate to doing more cultural projects," Chuck Fenda told the STAR.

He argued that the rhythms for many of the current hit reggae songs are commissioned by producers who are based overseas and named Chronixx's Smile Jamaica and Koffee's Toast as two examples.

The I Swear singer said he is not hitting out against rhythms created by international names or the entertainers who record for them, because "at least 75 per cent of the rhythms which reggae recording artistes like myself might receive come from the Japanese, Europeans, and even from producers born and raised in other Caribbean islands, like Trinidad and Tobago".


He continued: "A lot of the producers who approach me might say, 'Here is a rhythm, mi want you jump on,' and oftentimes, it sounds like dancehall. There needs to be a balance. If a producer plans to release four rhythms for the year, make one or two of them reggae."

Rhythms for some of the singer's most popular singles, such as I Swear, Gash Dem and Light Dem, God is my Witness and Coming Over , featuring Cherine Anderson, were produced locally, evidence, he says, that the talent is available.

But he thinks that apart from the seasoned producers, there are many creatives, new-wave reggae entertainers and producers alike, who prefer to work with a set group of people.

He says that that is another reason why many reggae artistes seek tours or take trips to Europe.

"That's where the market is. The interest is wide, and it is being produced on the global scale, which means more competition for the source (here in Jamaica)."

In April, Chuck Fenda will make his way to the United States to promote new music on 'Di Living Fire' Tour. He will be there for approximately three weeks, after which he will head to Europe during the summer to continue the tour at festivals in Germany, Denmark and Austria.

"The goal is to showcase the music, continuously spread the word of where the music is coming from, and keep the reggae banner high for people to see," he said.

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