Dalton visited his community but not his mother - ‘You are still my belly pain’ ... mom tells XFactor winner

April 15, 2019
Dalton Harris
Dalton Harris
Sylvia Campbell, mother of Jamaica’s Dalton Harris.
Sylvia Campbell, mother of Jamaica’s Dalton Harris.

Sylvia Campbell, the mother of XFactor UK winner Dalton Harris, says she is feeling "very bad" that her son, who recently returned to Jamaica, visited their hometown, but passed her on the road as if he didn't see her.

Added to Campbell's pain is the fact that her son came to Jamaica on her birthday, Wednesday, April 3, but he never called.

"I felt very bad, so bad that I cried," Campbell told The STAR. "I heard that Dalton was coming on the Wednesday, and then on the Saturday somebody came and told me that Dalton was here in the community. I was so nervous and weak when I heard. Anyway, I go out the road and I was out there when the vehicle pass. I know it was him because them describe the vehicle to me, a burgundy van. And him just pass me."


Campbell, 53, lives in Sanguinetti in North West Clarendon, the place where Dalton was raised. She said that she is hopeful that there will be a reunion with she and Dalton. She is feeling confident that the relationship between she and her son would be healed, because she has nothing against him and there comes a time when forgiveness is the only option. Already, she has made the first move. She said that she sent him a text message yesterday after watching an interview that Dalton did with a local television station.

"I watched it on YouTube today and I sent him a text, but him don't answer yet. His brother sent him a text too, and asked why he didn't stop and visit us, and he said he was afraid," Campbell said.

Campbell said that in her message, she indicated that she is willing to sit down and talk with Dalton whenever he is ready.

"I have nothing against you. You are still my belly pain. I still remember the good times that we used to share. The other day when you passed I was so upset and I was still wishing that you would come by and see us. Whenever time you need me to talk to, I am ready."

Campbell said that one of the last conversations she had with her son was when he called and told her that he was packing to go to England.

"But when he was in England, he didn't call and I was still hoping that he would call. I am still hoping that he will answer my text. I didn't tell him that I love him, but he knows that. Dalton and all my children know that I love them," Campbell said.

Dalton is set to make his Reggae Sumfest debut this July.

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