Medician lashes out at fake friends in new single

April 29, 2019

Jamaican reggae artiste Medician said his latest single Fake Friend was inspired by true events after he was robbed by someone pretending to be his real friend.

He stated that the man kept "borrowing" money from him several times since 2017, but has not once shown any effort to repay these loans.

"We think dem real an dem nuh real. Look wah 'fren' do to Nipsey Hussle? Look wah Judas to do Jesus. Who is me to dem people deh?" he questioned.

Since the track's release earlier this year, Medician said it has been receiving good response, but said it has also sparked speculations from not only his colleagues in the music business, but also from the media.

When asked why he wrote and released the song at this time, he said: "So what else me fi do? Me a artiste ... We express wi self through our music. Me can't find him an tek back mi money, so mi just go in a di voicing booth an pour mi soul out on to the track. There's nothing else to do except watch an see how fi him obstacle wah him throw at me, is just a stepping block to my success."

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