Double K track gets recognition a decade later

May 24, 2019
Double K
Double K

Dancehall entertainer Double K, who has been busy growing her overseas fan base, recently captured the attention of producers of US television series ' You're My Boooyfriend'.

The original series on California's leading video-on-demand digital platform Zeus Network is about social media personality and actor B Simone's search for a boyfriend, which sees her hosting a live-in dating competition at her Atlanta mansion with several suitors, where she eliminates them one by one before finding 'the one'.

Double K's 2008 track My Type A Man, produced by Diavallan 'Dia Warrior' Fearon, was featured in the musical intro of the first episode that premiered in March but started to garner more viewers this month.

The dancehall entertainers told The WEEKEND STAR that she never knew about the series or about her song being used.

"It was a relative of mine that brought the TV series to my attention. My niece called me, saying, 'Aunty, this sound like you' and when I confirmed that it was me she was hearing in the intro, she advised me to check if I was getting paid for the use of the song," Double K said.

The entertainer has yet to reach out to either B Simone or the producers and has not expressed any intention to push the issue. Double K says that she has even since started watching the series.

"Sometimes it is not about the money, but for people to notice it. That's how I am feeling right now about the song being included in the musical intro," she said, "To know also that the lyrics speak about Jamaican men, but even though it was a TV series based overseas, it still related in terms of the topic."

The Transformer artiste said that her vocals, writing, and performance style have matured since the production.

"If anything the recent feature of my song on the TV show has reminded me, it is to not stress about the plays because our local genres are bigger than what exists here," she said. "What should be, will be and I can only continue to work hard on improving my craft to achieve those goals."

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