Kissy McKoy gears up for first European excursion

June 14, 2019
Kissy McKoy
Kissy McKoy
Kissy McKoy
Kissy McKoy
Kissy McKoy
Kissy McKoy

In recent times, it is a difficult thing to find a local dancer who stays local.

Chasing their dreams and carrying the noble cause of spreading dancehall culture around the world, Jamaica's better dancers are scattered all over the globe hosting workshops, sitting on judging panels and performing.

The next one heading out to make their debut in Europe is Kissy McKoy, a passionate performer who says she has been dancing her whole life.

In a few months, the 21-year-old will make the trek across the waters to complete her first European tour.

"I can remember from when I started to now. I started dancing from the day I know my sense. I know that I've been a dancer at a very young age, before I even started school. Dancing was always in my blood," she told Dancers' Paradise.

Recently, Kissy made her first flight because of her talent, performing at an art show called Faena Festival Artebafundacion in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"It was a wonderful experience. Dancing for foreigners is great because they melt your heart. They make you feel very happy and comfortable. Even if you're not doing much, they cheer you on like it's gonna be the last time they are going to see you. Their reactions towards me is like I'm God, like I'm the best thing that has ever happened," she said.

Kissy marks that first trip to South America as a notable step towards her version of success.

"I want to travel the world, start doing tours for people to see what I'm made of. I have my first tour coming up in September and I want it to be the best," she said.

Though it was the first talent Kissy discovered, she didn't think about pursuing dance as a career. She started dancing when she was in primary school - Iris Gelly Primary School's Dance Club.

"I used to do track and field, which I love so much! But after dance competitions at my school and in my community where the people are always pushing me to go and enter, I always won ... that made me love dancing more," she revealed.

Before she jets off to Europe, Kissy is promoting her own dance step called Tempo, done to a song of the same name by Ishmel Flava, aka 'Doctor Passion'.

So far, the #TempoChallenge has seen participation from a dance group in Finland, dancehall queen Charm from Minnesota, and local dancer Happy Feet.

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