Gizmo876 dreams of stardom

July 19, 2019

Drive and passion are two important components when pursuing music.

These attributes have brought Shakielle 'Gizmo876' Powell to the point that could be described as a promising music career. The journey started almost 10 years ago in high school.

"Growing up with an extended family of singers with aunts who entered the JCDC gospel competition and did well, plus a father who is a talented guitarist and bass player, music was always around me," he said.

With music in his blood, Powell decided to develop his talent. It began in high school where he received support from friends and classmates.

"I knew I wanted to do music ever since I wrote my first song 10 years ago, at the age of 13," Gizmo said. "My classmates at deCarteret College were impressed and kept asking for more so I kept delivering, especially during lunchtime and after school clashes, and performances at the annual barbecue."

Powell explained that his music was heavily influenced by Vybz Kartel, Aidonia, and Eminem.

While Kartel impacted his writing, he made note of Aidonia's flows and rhyme schemes, and Eminem influenced him to be fearless and say what was on his mind in the most clever way imaginable.

Other influences from the hip-hop arena are Hopsin, Lil Wayne and Tech N9ne who, in his opinion, are top-tier lyricists.

"I started taking things seriously when I started producing back in 2012. I started to understand the workings of how beats are created and I went on a creative journey to discover what my sound would be," Gizmo said.

Gizmo's recent single, One Dream, surrounds themes of not giving up and how believing in your dreams can be powerful.

The next project is the video for One Dream, which is currently being shot by Vartex Studio. Other productions are on the horizon.

"These first couple of projects are aimed at empowering our youth to ignore the negative, pursue their goals, and become the best they can be. In an era where so many artistes teach our youth that they should flex with what they currently own, we need more voices advising them to go for what they want so they can flex later. Gizmo876 is one of those voices right now- because that's where I am in my life," Gizmo said.

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