Spotless accepts Alkaline comparison

July 24, 2019

'Take Ova', the latest track from singer Spotless, uses a kind of singing style, auto-tune and 'lilly' lingo, which sounds like a 2016 Alkaline song. But the entertainer, who admits he has been receiving the comparison from all angles, says it was not deliberate.

"A lot of people have been telling me that. In myself I wasn't thinking that, but with people saying it repeatedly, I realise and accept it," Spotless told THE STAR. "He isn't someone I would call an inspiration, but I like some of his songs still."

The track, which has been out for less than a month, was produced by Dancehall Passport and his 2R Entertainment record label, which he operates with his wife. He said the music video for the track should be released within a week.

Though he started a recording career in 2001, the 36-year-old revealed it was only this year that his career actually took flight, thanks to a change in his 'flow'.

"In my early days, I was a deejay, but I started singing more after working with deejays who always wanted me to sing the hook," he said. "Early this year, mi decide mi a go try back the deejay flavour with the singjay, and me start use 'Di Freshboss' as an alias. When I really change the flow to that, trust me, the response grow rapidly and more people reaching out to me, more labels, promoters, shows. It's been better and keeps getting better."

Given name Ryan Minott, the artiste was raised in Buff Bay Valley, Portland, and was a finalist of the Reggae Trail Talent Search in his late teens. He has been an independent artiste since his debut single, Put it Down (featuring Skeptic).

"I've been always doing shows without management, but I wasn't really getting the opportunity to really show my talent. Sometimes I would record for labels, and the songs weren't released," he said. "At some point I was losing confidence. I was discouraged, but I continued doing shows until I started getting more popular."

His current releases include Time is Now and The Benz (featuring Tekno), and he is gearing up to release new music, Money Addiction and Fresh And Clean.

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