Troyton turns to gospel

July 25, 2019

Known for producing many hit songs, Troyton is at it again. This time he is changing the game with his first gospel production, 'Healing Project' Rhythm.

The songs on the rhythm were released on July 19 through Zojak World Wide.

The rhythm features Paul Scott with Interlude Prayer, Kevin Downswell's Lights, Chevelle Franklyn's It Will Get Better, Omari's I Am Healed, Alaine's Boast Inna God, Jesome's What About U, international artiste Samuel Medas' Doctor and Jermaine Edwards with No Weapon.

"Each artiste on the rhythm brought their own style to the project. The rhythm has a song for everyone. Supporters all over the world are already sharing their favourite song all over social media," Troyton said.

Even with the project in its early stages, Troyton declares that it will be a big one.

"I wanted to do something like this three years ago, but God's timing is always the right timing. I present my first inspirational gospel project to the world, and I am grateful for the response I have been getting," he said.

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