I Waata, Intence plan to drop more bombs

August 12, 2019
Dancehall artistes Intence (left) and I Waata
Dancehall artistes Intence (left) and I Waata
I Waata
I Waata

"Fi him success and my success a di same ting. From Intence hot, I Waata hot, and from I Waata hot, Intence hot. A deh so it deh," I Waata told THE STAR.

The artistes are the frontmen of the Jetlife movement from Tavern in St Andrew and recently reaped praises for their debut performance at Reggae Sumfest in St James.

"Right now, a di music a talk fi we. Jetlife a come with different topics. We style different, we character different, di image weh we bring different, and all of that differentiate I Waata and Intence from everyone in the business," he said.

Evidently not a duo, it is undeniable that the entertainers have grabbed ears this summer with bangers on Redboom's 'Lifestyle' rhythm - I Waata with Cut Off Jeans and Intence with Go Hard.

"Dem two songs deh a get heavy rotation pon every station in every nation. The songs tek di rhythm," I Waata said.

He is now predicting more hits on an upcoming rhythm to be produced by the Frenz For Real label.

"We a forward out with two more bombs and just straight non-stop hits," he said. "Every day producers a link we. Di music dem soon forward out cause every day we record. Di ting a build up wild inna di streets now."

Affiliated with Aidonia's 4th Generation posse, I Waata started a recording career in 2008 and signed to Boyzie Records more than a year ago. No stranger to the main stage, he opened Sting in 2014 and has amassed his own body of dancehall crowd favourites like Thick Thick, Launch An Attack, and Digg.

He is now gearing up for the Go Hard tour, to kick off in the United Kingdom by month end, with Intence.

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