Deo Favente encourages artistes to read more - Believes this will produce songs with substance

August 16, 2019
Deo Favente
Deo Favente

Aspiring reggae artiste Deo Favente recently released the video for his social commentary reggae record ' Ice Man', in which he denounces crime and violence.

An avid writer, Deo Favente compares his music to poetry and uses literary devices to accurately get his points across.

He expressed that in a climate in which the majority of local music covers the same three topics - guns, parties and 'bad mind' - he wants artistes to dig deeper through reading.

He explained that by reading more widely, artistes would be able to produce unique and more meaningful content.

"I think it (reading) is really important. The more you read, the more knowledgeable you become and your vocabulary will increase. Some artistes' knowledge and vocabulary are only restricted to the area they come from. A great artiste can paint a picture from the words he uses," he said. "For example, I read a book called The Iceman Inheritance by Michael Bradley, which talks about the prehistoric sources of Western man's racism, sexism, and aggression, and I was inspired by it. So now, we have a musical message telling cold-hearted people to leave the Ice Age and walk towards the sun, where there is warmth and joy."

Ice Man, the song, was produced by Irich & Vinsee Production. Deo Favente is hoping that the record will be his breakout single.

"I nah follow the hype. I a do what's right and giving the people quality music with messages they can relate to," he said.

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