Chozenn tackles paedophilia in ‘No Underwear’ remake

August 20, 2019
Gospel artiste Chozenn
Gospel artiste Chozenn
Shante Skyers
Shante Skyers
Ananda Dean
Ananda Dean

When Chozenn revealed he was doing a remake of Dexta Daps' raunchy ' No Underwear' single, social media users expressed curiosity in what the track would sound like.

Well, the single, Scary, made its debut last week, and sees the gospel singer mourns murdered children Shante Skyers and Ananda Dean, as he lashes out against paedophilia and crimes related to sexual abuse.

The song's intro belts:

One a mi real life niece dem pop up and link me

She seh she nah go a school, she fraid, trust me, the reality hit me

Me never feel like speak but me haffi think quickly

Put dung yuh bag mek we pray, Jesus beg yuh guide har today


It's really scary out (really scary out there)

Demons roaming everywhere (demons roaming everywhere)

Come mek we fast and pray

Emergency right away

Abba Father, guide today

No more Ananda Dean or Shante

Speaking to THE STAR, Chozenn, who is from Sterling Castle, St Andrew, where Shante lived, said the song was penned to spark awareness of the 'normalisation' of paedophilia in Jamaica.

"Everything in the song is facts, it's the harsh reality and we can't be escapists," he said. "Me using the rhythm from the Dexta Daps song was deliberate. My song is a mind renewal antidote on the same beat in a Godly view," he said. "We have major problems cause Jamaica is normalising paedophilia. We have big, big men now dating kids and we're turning a blind eye. We must go to the heat of the battle and stop being on the surface. As Christians, we must face reality as a people, these are the last days."


Being a father, uncle and brother, he shared that he took the cases personally, and sees himself as a kingdom ambassador charged to speak out on any issue.

Though he did not inform Skyers' family of the track, he said his road manager is the father of her cousin.

"I'm a resident of Sterling for almost a decade. It basically happened in my backyard and we all experienced and still are experiencing the pain. For us, this is a major awareness mandate; it's more than just a song."

Scary also speaks to the oversexualised culture in Jamaica, and illustrates how sex is integrated in selling everything from real estate to food.

"Everything these last days is prompted by sex. I am standing in the gap for every female who is being objectified as a sex symbol," he said. "As a man of God, I apologise for those who have been evoking the spirit of perversion through their songs. I call all fathers to attend to their daughters and their wives and help me wage war against this demonic stigma that is being attached to them, making them targets of rape and murder."

Skyers' body was found among debris in Sterling Castle, five days after she went missing in April. Dean, whose case inspired the Ananda Alert system for reporting missing children, was found in a decomposed state, naked and headless, in Belvedere, St Andrew in 2008. She was found 11 days after she went missing early that September. No one has been prosecuted for either crime.

Singer Barbie Cassh paid homage to Skyers in a song bearing her name in May. Jah Vinci also dedicated his song, Sad Story, to Skyers shortly after her body was found.

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