Mackerel stunt stalled music career - RT Boss says he’s now ready to refocus

August 22, 2019
RT Boss
RT Boss
RT Boss (right) and Mackerel.
RT Boss (right) and Mackerel.

W hen psychic reader RT Boss made his music debut in May, he had hoped to capture audiences with his songs Badmind Friend and Global Boom.

Instead, his name was associated with social media personality Mackerel, whom he claimed as his 'boo thang' for several weeks.

Admitting the relationship was a publicity stunt, RT Boss said the move overshadowed his musical efforts.

"The focus was mostly on the mix-up, so the Mackerel thing overshadowed my music cause nobody did really a look pon the songs, dem just a look pon the gimmicks and excitement," he told THE STAR. "Me and Mackerel are no longer in any communication for various reasons but me nuh mek dat a big deal. Mi nuh have no regrets though cause it was fun and me find laughter and joy inna it. You know you have to take on the strategy route to get in the game and me reach that with the Mackerel stunt."

Moving forward, the singjay said his method will be to release good music, like his current single Survivor, an upbeat, motivational number which he said was inspired by his online psychic reading and counselling service.

Different side

" Survivor shows a different side of RT and maybe this is what Jamaica needs right now with this back-to-school energy," he said. "Me have nuff people weh come to me weh have cancer and me use herb and advise dem and cure dem. There's a woman right now weh have cancer and it is going away. Dem people deh really inspire the song and the work I'm doing through my readings."

He is also promoting another single, Buss It Down, true to his signature party, dancehall style.

"Mi a get the support from radio, and people a call in to request my music, so mi think mi find it now," he said. "Regardless of the negativity weh people seh about me, I'm about uplifting and building people when they need strength, so get used to RT Boss, cause whether it is in music or spiritual reading, I'm here to stay."

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