White Yardie for Comedy Bar specials

September 12, 2019
White Yardie
White Yardie

The Johnny LIVE Comedy Bar will be presenting its quarterly special on September 28 and 29 at the Shell Bandstand at Hope Gardens in Kingston and the Montego Bay Community College in St James, respectively.

Previous specials featured the likes of US-based comedians, Shuller King, Alfred Kainga and Drew Thomas.

For September, the team has expanded its import to England and will be featuring St Elizabeth-born, London-based stand-up comedian White Yardie.

This is White Yardie's first-ever performance back in his homeland and already, the jovial comedian is super excited about showing Jamaica the act that has garnered him tremendous success, predominantly in the United Kingdom.

"I feel, definitely, both Comedy Bar specials will be successful, and I'm excited that I can finally talk normal and 'leggo' some real Patois on stage. When I perform overseas, sometimes you have to water down the Jamaican dialect so a wider audience can understand you," White Yardie said.

White Yardie has been successful on the stand-up comedy circuit for more than four years and has sold out large venues in London, like the O2 Indigo, with his one-man show, 'Straight Out Of Jamaica'.

While gaining popularity on social media with multiple viral videos, he has also successfully toured his stand-up comedy showcase in North America and won the title of Best Comedian in the UK in 2015 and 2016.

Other acts billed for the Kingston and Montego Bay Comedy Bar specials include Lemon, Bobby Smith and Dufton Shepherd; both events will be hosted by Kathy Grant.

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