Dancers' Paradise: Marlon Anthony Tomlinson keeps on moving - Dancer dreams to be the creative director for Rihanna

September 13, 2019

There are two things that Marlon Anthony Tomlinson loves most in life: dancing and pushing himself to the limit. He essentially fell in love with the art of movement as a teenager, having gained interest in the reality TV competition ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ and, at 19 years old, moved into the direction to begin formal training.

“Growing up I was always interested in dance, but I was more the dancehall type and, naturally, I was able to do the moves. In watching the dance crews, I wanted to be part of a group where I would express my art and eventually build a monumental career. It was then that I decided to find a bachelor of fine arts degree programme to start the process of pursuing a professional career as a dancer, teacher and choreographer,” Tomlinson told The WEEKEND STAR.

More challenging

Now a dance teacher and choreographer with The ASHE Academy, Tomlinson is currently preparing to have his work put on show at the Wolmer’s Dance Troupe Season of Dance at the end of the month. Though he has toured extensively as a performer, he notes that it is more challenging for dancers in Jamaica who want to transition into professional performers.

“Contrary to general thought, not every dancer wants to go into entertainment or work in the hotels, much less teach. There is no system for people like me who want to perform, and, not only survive, but be financially independent … we are constantly creating a demand for ourselves and seeking opportunities,” he said. “I agree that having a social media presence has become a big thing for dancers and choreographers alike. As soon as I graduated, I registered my brand, which is specifically geared towards choreography and coaching. I want [to] showcase my work with the intention that someone will see my work and invest in me, hopefully, this person will be Rihanna.”

Tomlinson’s ultimate dream is to wear the title of artistic and creative director for tours of international pop stars. But for now, he is focused on his short-term goals. “In five [years], I see myself occupying the position of artistic director of ASHE and managing director of the ASHE Training Institute. This is where we will offer accredited courses in the performing arts for all ages and [at] different levels. I will also be creatively directing my first tour for successful international acts,” he said

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