STAR of the Month: Macka Diamond flexes her soca muscles

September 13, 2019

Our September Star of the Month, Macka Diamond, has been busy travelling the world. One of her stops took her to New York City, where she participated in the recently concluded Sesame Carnival celebrations. This carnival has been going on for more than a decade and takes place during the United States’ Labor Day celebrations.

Macka Diamond told THE WEEKEND STAR that she was invited to the event by Trinidad-born singer/songwriter Mr. Pearly.

“Of course, I accepted the invitation with open arms. We are working on a soca track called Wake Up, which will be released in time for Trinidad’s carnival season next February. He wanted me to experience the energy to kinda get ready for it with him,” she said.

Though they did not perform the song at the carnival, Macka Diamond said that she still had the time of her life. “It was the first time that I have ever worn a carnival costume, and the Sesame Carnival family gifted me with one that looked and felt good.”

The soon-to-be-released Wake Up track will not be the first soca production that Macka Diamond has experimented with, and she continues to explore the productions of other entertainers familiar with the soca genre.

She believes that her ability to flex her musical muscles showcases her versatility, which fans have grown to love and respect. Macka says she wants Jamaican soca lovers to be on the lookout for more exciting collaborations from her and possibly some solo soca recordings.

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