Bad Gyal Jade to make overseas debut

October 07, 2019
Bad Gyal Jade
Bad Gyal Jade

With no major financial backing or label behind her, Bad Gyal Jade continues to spread her wings, this time overseas.

The 2018 Magnum Queen is scheduled to perform in Canada this weekend, which will mark her performance debut outside of Jamaica."I am excited, it has been a good look so far, I got the visa and everything is up! Mi can't wait fi Friday come so mi can fly out and tear up Canada," she told THE STAR.

The event, the 19th annual All-Black Affair, is being organised by Swan Entertainment, and will unfold at the Westmount Event Centre in Ontario on Saturday.

Bad Gyal Jade has released songs including Holding On, Buffy, and most recently Other Side, and said her catalogue, paired with vigorous promotion, is attracting international interest.

"The demand for Bad Gyal Jade in Canada is very high," she said. "This opportunity came about because of the work I have been putting in on stage, in my music and also on my social media pages. There are actually a few more events they are keeping in December and the promoter say they would love to book me on those as well, so we're just gonna see how the first one goes."

She added: "Things are also currently being put in place for me to go to The Bahamas in early December and also New York so, hopefully, by the grace of God everything will go through perfectly."

With 2020 a blink away, the singjay described 2019 as "supersonic" and thanked everyone who has supported her journey.

"It has been overwhelmingly great, the things I have been through and accomplished, the fans weh mi find ... I am so grateful," she said. "Most artistes haffi have money fi promote themselves, but me a one of the only artistes weh nuh have the money fi do that but people see the talent and actually try to help in any way they can. A talent mi a use and go through, so big up the people dem weh help me, every selector and every radio DJ who a play mi songs and every producer weh voice mi."

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