Sly and Robbie, Pop Up Music release new rhythm

October 08, 2019
Sly Dunbar (left) and Robbie Shakespeare.
Sly Dunbar (left) and Robbie Shakespeare.

The 'Rhythm Twins', Sly and Robbie, alongside producer/musical engineer Rorey Baker, have teamed up on an enticing new project titled the 'Pocket Book' rhythm.

Co-produced under their One Pop Productions and Taxi Record label, the August release was not an overnight effort.

"'Pocket Book' has been in production for two years," Baker explained. "We chose the name because we wanted something that represents the intimacy of the music. A pocketbook means so many different things to men and women, so we wanted this album to be an addition to a personal music collection that can always go around with the listener."

The rhythm features 11 tracks performed by a diverse mix of acts with impressive accolades to their name, including '60s hitmaker Monty Morris, UK lovers' rock icon Sandra Cross, and Anthony Red Rose, who released smash hits throughout the '80s and '90s.

Also featured are Cherine Anderson; Nature; and newcomers Sabrina Diva, Sherida Sharpe, Peter G, and Canadian singer Storri.

Also featured is late singer Noel 'Bunny' Brown, doing his last record before he passed away in February.

The soulful yet sultry rhythm is accompanied by the musical stylings of saxophonist Dean Fraser, along with Sly and Robbie's own drums and bass, respectively, as well as Paul 'Wrong Move' Crossdale on piano and guitar.

Keeping the theme of love throughout, with titles such as Place To Lay Your Head, Simply Magic, and In Your Eyes, the tracks bring together generations of the past and present, presenting messages of love that are timeless and can be enjoyed by listeners of any age.

"The theme we had allowed the writers' and performers' creativity to flow through each song, creating strong love songs that can tap into the emotions of each listener," said Sly.

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