Shizzle Sherlock proud to be a ‘coot’

November 14, 2019

Language is dynamic, and if slang designer Shizzle Sherlock has his way, then there's one word that will get a big upgrade in the lexicon in the foreseeable future.

Currently, the word 'coot', used colloquially, is defined as 'a stupid fellow; a simpleton'.

Shizzle, however, is neither simple nor stupid, but that doesn't stop him from actively and confidently promoting 'coot' as his latest slang, with a twist.

By his in-the-street definition, a coot is a great thing to be, and many person are taking his word for it.

"Coot a di new slang right now. It get weh all over Jamaica," declared the creator of the once popular slang 'tink a chattingz'.

"It doesn't matter the situation, you as a coot will go round it by any means necessary," he said.

Shizzle said that he has been promoting the word for five months, and that it is being used by various members of the music fraternity.

He said that there are several layers in this nomenclature.

"Di girls dem, fi dem name is 'cutie coot' and dem love it. Then yuh have the 'king coot', 'mafia coot' and the 'top coot'. All different type a coot. Di selecta dem a ask fi dem proper coot intro," he said.

Shizzle, who also dabbles in deejaying, says he recorded two songs recently, one of which is a collaboration with Ding Dong.

The song titles should come as no surprise, Top Coot (with Ding) and Coot. There's also an official coot bag for top coots to floss with.

So far, the production line has churned out only two exclusives, but all the coots can soon line up and place their orders.

Shizzle is currently on a month-long US tour, which involves fashion and music.

"Mi do two shows already. Full-length performance, fully certified," he said, pointing out that he has six hot songs.

Shizzle, whose given name is Omar Barker, was born in Mount Salem in Montego Bay.

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