Weh Dem Up To: Frisco Kid plans grand return - “Come 2020, I’m out in full force”

December 06, 2019
Frisco Kid
Dancehall artiste Frisco Kid.

“Tell dem fi pack up and lock shop because I’m back,” said Frisco Kid, as he declared that 2020 will be the year he makes his return to the dancehall scene.

In an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR last week, the ‘90s deejay said fans have been begging for him to bring back music’s glory era and he is finally ready to oblige.

“Me take a likkle break fi do weh me a do. Me did still a perform and thing, but me nuh put out nuh new tune. But yuh see 2020, we come wid full force. It’s gonna be an overdose,” he said.

“Me did a deal wid an apartment thing, and a dat me a do fi di past couple years now. Dem time deh when me a do dem thing deh, me nah think bout nuh music thing because yuh affi a focus fully on music when yah do dat. Music come in like woman; yuh affi pay it nuff attention or it find another place go live.”

The deejay said that the persons who have been entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the music have not been treating it right, and the market has been complaining. He said he has a responsibility to make music nice again.

Frisco Kid, 48, said that in the last few months, he has released one track and based on the reaction, the people want more.

“Me put out a new tune, a Salaam Remi production, coming off a riddim name Thirsty. It play pan the radio and post pan Instagram, and the amount a people weh a comment and a say, ‘Frisco, yu need fi come out deh back’. It’s overwhelming,” he said.

“Right now, the people dem a say this is where dem need back the music to be. Dem ask for it and me a guh gi dem, so come 2020, I’m out in full force.”

Frisco Kid has delivered hits such as Little and Cute, Gal Pon De Side, Tink We Nice and Wackie News, all of which were released in the 1990s.

Well aware of the ‘dinosaur’ label that is attached to him and other artistes from his generation, the entertainer says the tag is one he takes no offence to. In fact, he says he embraces the title because to him, it’s a compliment.

“When me look pan it, dem (young artistes) can’t stand up beside me pan nuh show, nuh stage. First of all, dem nah no energy inna dem performance, dem nah no stage presence. A next thing, dem nuh sound the same as pan dem records, because a thing called auto tune a run the place now. Anything yuh say right now and put it through auto tune, it tun music. So nuff artiste out deh weh not even have a real sound, but dem come out and a say dem a lock the place and a disrespect we,” he said.

“A me a promote dinosaurs from wah day, innu. Anybody call me dinosaur me accept it because we a di real dinosaur, but we still a tour. When yuh don’t see we, we a trod the earth. Nothing beats the first.”

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