‘Me nuh waan see jail ever’ - Dancehall artiste beats gun charges

December 31, 2019
Dancehall artiste Rum Blood.
Dancehall artiste Rum Blood.

"I am feeling great and grateful!" exclaimed producer and recording artiste Ranaldo Evans, more popularly known as Rum Blood, when he spoke to THE STAR yesterday.

Rum Blood was to face a judge last Friday, December 27, subsequent to his arrest on gun charges on Friday, November 29, in Los Angeles, California.

But, instead, he got to enjoy a day of rest and relaxation as he prepared to travel to Jamaica.

"I was never worried about my reputation because I am a law-abiding human being; me nuh waan see jail ever," Rum Blood said.

He was arrested by police of the 77th Street Community Police Station when a vehicle he was a passenger in was pulled over and searched. Illegal firearms were recovered.

He spent 12 hours in lock-up and was released on US$35,000 bail, but revealed that it was one of the most nerve-racking experiences.

'It was like a bully thing'

"I never been treated that way in my life before; it was like a bully thing," he said. "But I think what surprised me throughout the ordeal is the amount of people ah say me ah guh get deported or wish bad on me. I must extend my gratitude to people like Bugle, Bounty Killer, and Agent Sasco of the dancehall fraternity who reached out to me and also motivated me to have faith."

The entertainer's lawyer, Jaaye Person-Lynn, confirmed that the Los Angeles district attorney had dropped the charges.

"The district attorney is the one who decides if a case or report that the police put forward should be filed. From my observation, I could guess it was on the grounds that there was no proof that my client had any knowledge of the firearms in the vehicle and also because it was an illegal search," Person-Lynn said.

The 37-year-old criminal-defence and civil-rights lawyer, known for his outspoken character, shared that it was not uncommon for cases like these to appear on his desk.

"So as it turns out, no case was filed against him. Unfortunately, clients, particularly those of African-American ethnic background, have frequently come forward for assistance," Person-Lynn told THE STAR.

He said that his client could file a civil lawsuit.

"It is ultimately up to him if he wants to pursue it. The unit that arrested him, part of the metropolitan division, has been called out for similar reasons," Person-Lynn said.

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