Audition for 2020 Gospel Song Competition starts this Friday

January 17, 2020

The Jamaica Gospel Song Competition will kick off its 2020 cycle with a series of four regional auditions, aimed at unearthing upcoming gospel artistes from all parishes across the island.

The first set of auditions take place this Friday, January 17, at the St. Mark's Anglican Church Hall in Mandeville, Manchester.

"The Jamaica Gospel Song competition continues to provide opportunities to unearth and showcase the talents of new artistes, writers and performers. This is one of, if not the most successful gospel competitions in Jamaica," said Andrew Clunis, director of marketing & public relations at the JCDC.

He pointed out that a lot of entrants, such as Kevin Downswell, Lubert Levy and Glacia Robinson, have gone on to build solid music careers.

Joanna Walker, a resident of Montego Bay, St James, was the 2019 Jamaica Gospel Song competition winner.

Clunis said that persons who are unsuccessful at their initial audition may try again at another location. However, they must do so with a different song.

Persons must be 16 years and older and be a resident of Jamaica in order to enter.


n Central Region (St Elizabeth, Manchester and Clarendon) - January 17 at the St Mark's Anglican Church Hall in Mandeville, Manchester.

n Western Region (Westmoreland, Hanover, St James and Trelawny) - January 24 at the Hollis Peter Lynch Hall Holy Trinity Church, Westgate, St James.

n Northern Region (St Ann, St Mary and Portland) - January 31, at the Emmanuel Baptist Church, Port Maria, St Mary.

n Eastern Region (St Catherine, Kingston and St Andrew and St Thomas) - February 7 at Eastwood Park New Testament Church of God in Kingston.

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