Tanto Metro and Devonte release new album

February 14, 2020

Over the course of three years, the duo of Tanto Metro and Devonte racked up several hits including Give It To Her and Everyone Falls in Love, both of which dented the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts.

Last year, the duo released their fifth studio album, the 11-track Reggaenometrist. The album was produced by Lynford 'Fatta' Marshall of Fat Eyes Productions and Richard 'Bobo' Bell for 29 West Production.

"For this album, we wanted to take our fans from our musical past, back to where it all started for us. We both grew up around sound systems, listening to the legends from the era, and that energy helped us to forge our future," Devonte said. "We are known for dancehall and most persons have not seen a different side of us, which pretty much was always there. So we had to unveil the other side of Tanto Metro and Devonte."


Reggaenometrist features three collaborations, Live as One featuring Mykal Rose (produced by Paul 'Patchy' Wright), Obey, featuring Capleton, and Pretty City, featuring Swedish dancehall artiste Million Stylez.

"We were approached by the producer, Fatta, to collaborate on the track with Million Stylez. Mykal Rose is considered as one of the greats in the reggae industry, and we had to reach out for an opportunity to collaborate with him. As for Capleton, we thought it would be great fusing our sound with Capleton, and it worked perfectly," said Tanto Metro.

The deejay spoke about their musical evolution over the years.

"We understand that the foundation of the music is very essential to its sound, but as time evolves, we create new ideas to connect with the younger generation while still remaining true to the music. We try to update ourselves with what's happening now and fuse all those ideas to create newness in our music," he said.


While the success of songs, including Everyone Falls in Love crossed over to mainstream audiences worldwide, and resulted in the duo signing a deal with Epic Records in the late 1990s, Devonte feels working independently has given them some amount of creative freedom.

"Working independently has groomed us to be better persons and artistes. We are now more focused on self-development and driven to become the best version of ourselves. We are free to be more creative with what we do. Everything has its challenges, but it has taught us to stand firm and view things from all angles."

Reggaenometrist is distributed by VPAL Music.

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